Performa Racing

Performa Racing is one of our newest brands, We run the HMX ESC's & Performa motors in our cars because of the high tuneability and performance.

  • Performa Racing is a brand for Elite Racers.
  • Supplying high power systems and components for RC Cars.
  • Performance is the priority without any compromise.
  • Developed by the most experienced designers in the RC industry.
  • Approved and tested by the best drivers in the World to confirm that the performance target is reached.
  • Price friendly with Radical Performance.
  • Available Worldwide from the Performa Racing Partners or directly on the Performa Racing Website.
  • Electric and Nitro Power Units, Accessories, Off-Road, On-Road, Crawler, Performa Racing is for everyone looking for Real Power.
  • Tested, approved, and raced by IFMAR World Champion David Ronnefalk.

Visit to see more about their product.