Yokomo MO2.0 Master Offroad 4WD Buggy Kit

Yokomo MO2.0 Master Offroad 4WD Buggy Kit

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Introducing the Master Off-Road MO2.0, which enhances the speed range and brings out a sense of stability with smooth cornering!

Even though the 4WD drive provides overwhelming propulsion, in today's off-road driving, which tends to be quick in cornering, the wheelbase has been extended, the Ackermann ratio has been revised, and the center one-way slipper has been adopted to create a sense of stability. High mileage is possible. In particular, the newly developed one-way slipper works when landing from a jump or entering a corner, eliminating over-traction on the front tires and creating a milder behavior. In addition, the adoption of a Φ13mm big bore shock has dramatically improved the capacity, reliably absorbing the impact from the road surface and enhancing the feeling of grounding.


  • Large capacity 13mm shocks
  • Low height body
  • Laydown front and rear shock towers (rear short shock specifications)
  • Lightweight front and rear bulkheads
  • Lightweight bulkhead caps
  • COL slipper unit (center one-way limiter slipper unit)
  • Main chassis (3) mm long/COL slipper compatible)
  • Center bone (F/51 mm, R/100 mm)
  • Center mount (front side)
  • Center mount plate
  • Servo mount & plate
  • Steering block plate
  • Front suspension arm (heavy duty)
  • High down force rear wing