JConcepts F2 - SCT Body
JConcepts F2 - SCT Body
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JConcepts F2 - SCT Body

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Remaining fresh, having new ideas and concepts is important while trying to maintain one of the best entry level classes in the RC market. The F2 body for SCT trucks is the latest body for Short Course racing and bashing by JConcepts. The concept is simple, lower the roof line, improve functionality of air-release louvers, incorporate the latest number and name plate performance geometry, while providing an edginess to the design. The F2 has always been a unique design, now, the Short Course gets the IFMAR World Championship winning treatment. 


The design starts at the front-end with high impact looks of a large format canvas in the grille and headlight area. The included decal sheet can be used to stealth out the entire front-end with blank decals or go for two of the different and highly detailed looks of the light and signal appearance found on passenger vehicles. In the hood area, there is a large cut-in feature with trim-lines allowing the user to add additional air escape holes. The fenders are hard-edged, provide plenty of clearance for racing and bash tires and blend straight into the F2 design.


Finnisher 2 styling has many details in with the cab of the body shell and its integral features. JConcepts incorporated the low-profile and V-style cab into the design and sunk additional louvers into the roof. To increase rigidity, the team added a slight stabilization fin in the center and a railed edge on each side of the cab to help race further into the future. As the cab falls away and into the bed area, a hard chamfer leads into a series of stepped sections allowing more air escape areas. Between the body mounting area, 4 more deep rooted louvers are placed, these can be tuned to the requirements of the driver.


A rollbar outlines the rear bed area, new number and name plate mounting areas are established in key performance areas. The rear fenders are bulged to clear racing tires, and they calmly flow into another F2 trait, the double step side-pod enhancement. At the rear of the quarter-panel, a JConcepts detail includes trim-lines for air-release passages which have always shown to be clear benefits. Window placement, volume, and layout can make a design. The F2 has recessed side windows and alternate panel locations which can be painted as body color, detailed as flat stealth black on the outside, or user masked as all one-piece.


The F2 body arrives with instructions for different mounting locations for a range of popular Short Course trucks. Decals are included to help detail the final look while window mask is also packaged with the body to aid in the painting process. The body shell is manufactured with passion at the JConcepts headquarters in Groveland, Florida. Overspray film is standard on the item, and the entire package is backed with JConcepts customer support and heritage. Look for reputable dealers and distributors and demand authentic products – choose JConcepts.



  • Original JConcepts F2 styling
  • Low-profile cab, Finnisher 2 performance / tuning ability
  • High impact front-end for large format headlight and grille decals
  • Large hood cut-in detail can be trimmed for air escape
  • Cab fin and recessed louvers for added rigidity 
  • Side-pod double step enhancement 
  • Performance geometry number and name plates
  • Clear heavy-duty polycarbonate with protective film
  • Window masks and detailed decal sheet
  • Fits – Slash, Slash 4x4, Pro 2 SC10, Pro4 SC10, SC6.4, Tekno SCT410SL