Sanwa Super Vortex Brushless ESC - Mod or Blinky Spec

Sanwa Super Vortex Brushless ESC - Mod or Blinky Spec

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- Multi-Protection System
Protection against low voltage, sensor cable trouble, motor lock, overheat of body, overheat of motor(*1) *1;Compatible only with built-in temperature sensor motor
- Multi-Battery-Compatible
Cut-off Voltage settings enables compatibility with multi-battery.
- Maximum Motor Power Value
Reduction of loss resistance and control efficiency upgrade the control of temperature increase and basic functions.

- 'Blinky' Indication Function
- SSR/SHR/NOR automatic recognition & indication function

- SSL compatible (CODE5)
- SSR compatible
- Twelve Programming modes

*Full Brake Rate
*Neutral Brake Rate
*Drive Feel
*Neutral Brake Feel
*Brake Feel
*Boost Timing
*Power Mode

- Voltage: 3.7- 7.4
- Rated current: 370 Amps / Phase @ 25?
- On Resistance: 0.00090 ohms
- Motor Limit: 8.5T or greater (with 2 cell Lipo)
- BEC: 6.0V / 3.0A
- Dimensions: 32.0 x 35.5 x 21.0 mm
- Weight: 59.3 g

Fully Compatible for 'Blinky' Classes
*confirmation by connection into TH channel and flashing LED blue light